Our Mission

VIE Invest strives to provide the highest degree of Value, Independence and Execution to you, by using a vision of steady value creation through our VIE platform. Our mission is one of a great necessity for the investors’ community who is generally being taking advantage of by the power houses and huge marketing programs (see industry realities). We educate you, our clients and investors, about the reality of the investment industry in order to help you make real, informed decision. Our ultimate goal is to increase efficiency and optimize the productivity of your assets and ultimately reach your personal goals. We believe in helping people pursue a purpose; A purpose for truth in investing and uncovering the full potential of asset management, the way it should be available to everyone.

Our Core Values

To really understand who we are, it’s important to know what we believe and apply in our practice:

INTEGRITY, HONEST RELATIONSHIP & TRANSPARENCY – We operate with clarity, simplicity and objectivity. We disclose everything about the investments we select. We purposely set up our compensation structure for our investors’ best interests. VIE Invest is a beacon for straight talk, honest advice and trusted relationship, where our actions match our words.

FOCUS & DEEP EXPERTISE – We believe in separation of tasks and responsibilities in order to design the very best investment solution and provide the highest value to investors. This is why we have a network of wealth specialists strictly focusing on a specific area.

UNCOVERING INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES – You work with us and trust us to bring investment opportunities to you that others won’t.

EMPOWERING THROUGH EDUCATION – We take the time to educate our investors and bring a real value-added solution to the marketplace. Our clients understand what they own and why.

OUR PASSION – This is our passion. We invest your money the same way we invest our own. Your success is our success.

“The trust of the innocent is the liar’s most useful tool" - Stephen King.