Although taking risk is essential to achieving your goals, there is a significant difference between accepting the risk the market gives you and managing that risk. Investing through managers with a proven expertise and accomplished pedigree, gives us a much more diverse look at calculated risks. We pride ourselves on aligning your money alongside with top managers and investing your assets the same way we invest our own. We are the specialists of fund managers in the purest sense of the definition.


Our method is dynamic in conception, proactive in maintenance, and conceived to provide performance with critical attention to exposure to risk through an elite active management style. Our core philosophy of investment management is centered on three key principles:

MODERN PORTFOLIO THEORY “MPT” & ACADEMIC RESEARCH – This concept was pioneered by Harry Markowitz (Noble Prize winner for the theory). The theory is based on historical data and mathematical formulation that includes return, risk and correlation between different asset classes (stocks, bonds, real estate, commodities, etc.), to build an optimal portfolio for a given level of risk or a targeted level of return.

IMPLEMENTATION THROUGH OBJECTIVELY SELECTED AND TOP PERFORMING MANAGERS – This is the key of our value proposition. We follow and invest with the best money managers. Our investment strategy is built on this careful and professional research, and enhanced by the fundamental belief that successful managers typically demonstrate a certain combination of superior management skill, clear process, competitive advantage, pedigree, superior track record and are themselves business owners.

SEPARATION OF RESPONSIBILITIES – VIE Invest advises on the strategic allocation while our managers manage the tactical positioning of your portfolio. This is very key in optimizing the portfolio in which the core specialty of each party is being utilized efficiently without overlapping. We do not believe it is the advisor’s role in a client relationship to make decision for the individual securities selection due to the lack of specialization and focus in that particular area.

Value Proposition

We are able to create significant opportunities for alpha by implementing our Talent Allocation Strategy through our carefully selected active managers. So, how is your money working differently with VIE Invest?

HIGHLY REFINED ASSET ALLOCATION IMPLEMENTATION – Your asset allocation is strictly implemented through the elite active fund managers with the objective of moving beyond the efficient frontier.

SUPERIOR MANAGERS SELECTION – We strive to identify the highest quality and award-winning pedigrees fund managers that have a proven track record navigating unfavorable market conditions, along with superior track records by outperforming their respective indices. We believe it is a good indication for future quality of the management for your portfolio.

ADVANCED INVESTORS’ EDUCATION – We bring you the knowledge to allow you to make informed decisions. The simple fact that we are off the leash of the mutual funds industry to sell funds is what allows us to operate in all independence and objectivity. We constantly communicate with you so that you understand what you own and why you own it.

 “We chase talent, not return” – Aymeric Martinoia, Principal

VIE Process

Our cutting-edge proprietary mutual fund talent allocation strategies is specifically designed to reveal and incorporate the greatest and top talented fund managers into your portfolios. Our strategies lead to very efficient and productive risk-adjusted returns (risk/reward ratio) to approach world markets with a global view of the economies and world events.

Step 1: Assessment

We evaluate your current situation. This is the VIE Protocol. You get a clear and in-depth understanding how you are setup in terms of asset allocation, risk, fees, managed program, trading fees, and actual decision-maker(s) in your account. It often reveals excellent information on your current situation and any potential conflict of interests that you might, or not, know or have been told.

Step 2: Asset allocation

After having established your current financial situation, personalized goals and risk tolerance, we design a customized asset allocation for the level of risk you are comfortable taking or a targeted level of return you need to achieve. We take a systematic approach to allocate your financial assets. Empirical studies demonstrate that the vast majority of investment returns are attributed to the asset allocation decision.

Step 3: Managers Selection

Up to this point, all financial firms do about the same thing. Now it is where things get interesting! Once we have come up with your asset allocation, VIE Invest searches, evaluates, and selects the most appropriate managers to each manage a specific area of your portfolio. We assemble your dream team in total objectivity and no conflicts of interests. The managers that make it into our elite program are the cream of equities, fixed income, alternatives and hard asset individual securities selection. Utilizing research and analysis typically unavailable to a retail investor, our selected portfolio managers have an ability to produce above-market rates of returns. VIE Invest delegates the macro-economic view, tactical positioning and bottom-up securities selection to each fund manager’s respective area of concentration. We believe this is the gold standard in investing.

COMPUTER SCREENING – Attractive risk / reward characteristics

PEOPLE / TALENT – We invest in people, not in products.

PROPRIETORSHIP / FUND OWNERSHIP – Fund ownership is a major driving force – manager risk and interest of the investors.

PROCESS – We accurately evaluate by understanding and assessing each managers’ style and capital allocation.

NO REVENUE SHARING AGREEMENT – We are 100% objective in our recommendations and true to our clients. No backroom deals like most of the other firms.

PERFORMANCE – Excess performance is the consequence of the execution of the points above.

Step 4: Portfolio implementation & Monitoring

After we have selected all the managers for all your asset allocation exposure, we implement the strategy and invest. We constantly monitor each of our manager by reviewing their performance and understanding why they have have achieved such performance or not. Through our online access, you can also monitor your investments on a daily basis.