VIE Invest was founded to provide the essential foundation for any investors: truth, objectivity and reality of the investment world, because the overwhelming majority of firms fail in that mission purposefully (visit our industry realities page to understand why). VIE Invest was founded on the absolute objective approach to maximize the quality of advisory and consulting for our investors. There are three reasons VIE Invest was founded:

1- VIE Advisory – We want to bring honesty back to the industry and give you the opportunity to invest alongside with the best money managers.

2- VIE Consulting – We want to provide with accessible and expert knowledge to help you make decisions for specific area of your investment portfolio.

3- Industry Realities – We are denouncing the dark and biased side of the financial industry, taking advantage of clients, and we bring a healthy alternative solution for you.

Our wealth management services have been established by meticulously selecting our network of wealth specialists to provide laser-focused and innovative solutions to our domestic and international clientele with the purest sense of objectivity. Coupled with our passion and entrepreneurial mindset, our structure allows us to continue advancing the practice of investment advisory by maturing honest relationships and offering real objective advice. VIE Invest gives you access to high expertise, focused specialists, and dedicated insights.