Our Lifestyle of Investing is to break away from the traditional, non-objective and short-term profit-starving large firms with huge conflicts of interests (see the list of some of them here) taking advantage of their own clients. Our VIE approach is a simple and non-biased investment lifestyle, allowing us to select the very best investment opportunities regardless of financial incentives. This is what advising is.

We are living in very challenging and ever-changing times; you can’t take any shortcut when it comes to managing your money and hard-earned savings. It must be managed optimally. We are challenging you to approach your investments and the “financial advisors” world with a structural and compensation method review to identify what you are being offered and understand why it is offered/sold to you. We believe it is an healthy start for any relationship.

By leveraging VIE’s three platforms, and coupled with our firm’s entrepreneur mindset and international experiences, we are able to mature honest relationships, to offer true objective advice and to provide distinct investment opportunities.

“All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.” —Galileo Galilei—